[Tagging] Features underwater (inside reservoirs)

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>This thread is a great help to me, as I recently discovered this bridge
>and wondered if it can be tagged in a more appropriate way:

>Currently it is tagged like that (shortened):
>name=Aseler Brücke

>With these tags and the surrounding footways the bridge is treated as
>normal (foot)way by OSRM and graphhopper, although it only falls dry
>roughly every other autumn. Is this a tagging issue that may be resolved
>with correct/additional tags? After reading the discussion I think at
>least three tags should be added:


>Then some questions on other tags currently in use:
>• historic=bridge seems ok to me, but I'm not sure if it is a conflict
>with building=bridge. Do I have to choose either one?
>• intermittent seems to only be in use with water bodies, as far as i
>can tell after reading the wiki article.
>• seasonal is somewhat related with intermittent but in use for other
>things as well. Should I remove these two, nonetheless?


Have you considered "flood_prone=yes" (14700 uses in taginfo), although I guess that is more used for places that are normally dry and only occasionally wet?
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