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Jun 10, 2020, 01:05 by miketho16 at gmail.com:

> On Tue, Jun 9, 2020 at 4:13 PM Tod Fitch <> tod at fitchfamily.org> > wrote:
> > In my rendering of hiking maps I currently have to look at 13 tags and their values to make a decision if a “path” or “footway” might be what I want to render. This is ridiculous. It is neither easy for the mapper nor the renderer.
> >
> > On the motor vehicle side this would be the equivalent of saying all ways intended for cars should be mapped as highway=road and we can distinguish them by using surface, width, smoothness, maximum speed, etc.
> My understand is that highway=primary/secondary/unclassified/etc. is based on function.  It says nothing about the physical configuration, other than it is suitable for a 2-track vehicle.  See my comment below about unpaved roads in many parts of the world.   

> > The two major factions seem to be set in their ways: “It is only a track if it is used for agriculture or forestry” on one side. “It has the same physical characteristics as a track, so it is a track even if it is currently used for hiking, bicycling, riding horses, or by ATVs” on the other side.
> I am willing to change my mind, but I would like:   
> 1) Internal consistency within a definition.
Especially as what is supposed to be "physical characteristics as a track"?
Currently highway=track may be maintained paved asphalt track or abandoned barely visible
track in grass.

(and "this is unpaved" goes into surface tag, not into highway tag)

> 2) Consistency over time (from week to week, month to month, etc. obviously things can evolve over time, but we don't want to "ping-pong" back and forth)  I don't like having the same discussion over and over again. I asked this same question about a trail in a nearby park (Natural Area) a couple of weeks ago on this list and received a largely different answer from the one I am receiving today.   Perhaps it is just that different people are reading this list today.  
Probably different people (for example I participated in the previous thread and had no time
so far to do it with this one)

> 3) Precise. It can't be something like "a driveway is highway=service, service=driveway, unless it is too long or too rough, or *seems* like a track, in which case it is highway=track"  One mapper I corresponded with via change set comments literally told me he mapped a driveway as a track because it seemed track like to them.

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