[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - shop=bubble_tea

德泉 談 tran0408tran0408t at yahoo.com.tw
Fri Jun 26 19:13:57 UTC 2020

I believe many mappers are confused a lot for choosing the right tag just like me.

So if we have a normal coffee house providing coffee and have seat we use
* amenity=cafe + cuisine=coffee_shop (but the cuisine tag is not included in iD preset so many users do not add them)
and if it is only a roadside store or a peddler we should use
* amenity=cafe + cuisine=coffee_shop along with takeout=only

And a teahouse have seats use
* amenity=cafe + cuisine=tea ? (not mentioned in OSM wiki)
* shop=tea ? (might be confused with shop selling tea equipments and tea leaves)
* amenity=teahouse (which was a draft proposal but few discussion)
but like a bubble tea shop use
* amenity=cafe + cuisine=bubble_tea + takeout=only ?
* shop=bubble_tea or shop=beverages (causing confused with beverages market)

Furthermore we still have ice cream store use
* amenity=ice_cream
and I've noticed that shaved ice store sometimes use amenity=ice_cream, sometimes use amenity=cafe, and sometimes use amenity=fast_food, nevertheless donut shop and bagel shop still use amenity=cafe + cuisine=donut/begal

I'm not sure if we should solved all these problem at one time or just clarify how to map the bubble tea shop only for takeaway. But I think if we use cuisine=* to distinguish coffee shop, tea house, bubble tea shop, donut shop, bagel shop and shaved ice shop, it's better to have own icon and wiki pages for each of them

- Tan

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