[Tagging] Central European insight needed: cukrászda, cukrárna, cukiernia, ciastkarnia, cukráre?, pasticceria, konditorei, patisserie, ...

Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Tue Jun 30 12:12:24 UTC 2020

On Mon, 2020-06-29 at 12:36 +0200, Gábor Fekete wrote:
> In Hungary in every restaurant before you pay the bill, the waiter
> asks if you want some dessert. She asks you, even if they only have
> pancakes as dessert. So one could tag every "amenity=restaurant" with
> "cuisine=*;dessert". But the restaurants do not want you to sit in
> only for a pancake, they want you to eat a whole course (food).

Cuisine=dessert is perfectly valid, my local big town has
two restaurants which only sell desserts.

Phil (trigpoint)

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