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> > You would be surprised if you wanted to cure your hunger in a Hungarian
> cafe. I do not expect (real, nutritious) food in a cafe.
> because it seems the term „cafe“ in Britain has a different meaning than
> it has in Germany, Austria, Hungary (likely some Austrian influences) and
> other places. At least this is what Paul tells us

Now you have me checking my sanity!  Again.

Yep.  From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cafe_(British) a cafe (British
is a place to get real, nutritional (but often very greasy and unhealthy)
food.  Known
in the US as a diner or greasy spoon.  From
it should not be confused with a European cafe, which primarily serves
coffee and
light snacks (which takes us into Hungarian cake territory).

> (I admit I found it more than strange that cafe could be a suitable term
> for a McDonald‘s, Mc Cafe aside)

I found it even more bizarre that Jake Edmonds referred to McD as a fast
restaurant.  But apparently that is the state-of-the-art term in the US for
like McD.  I'd have categorized McD as a fast food cafe (or fast food diner
in US speak).  Of course, US marketing embiggens everything it touches so
that everything sounds more grandiose than it actually is,

All of which indicates our tagging of food establishments, especially cafes,
may be in a big mess.  McD is a restaurant selling fast food, or a cafe
selling fast food, or a special category that sells fast food but may or
may not have seats.  Cafes sell full meals or just coffee and cakes.  Not a
good situation for a world map.  Especially as it's too late to retag

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