[Tagging] highway=bus_stop is PTv2 compatible (was: Re: Feature Proposal - RFC - Public Transport v3)

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Wed Mar 11 09:53:39 UTC 2020

Mar 8, 2020, 02:41 by music.kashish at gmail.com:

> That would be tempting, because it would mean a lot less work for us in the short term. However, I'm afraid of ending up like PTv2 -
> 1. It 'does not deprecate the old tags', use of the new tags is 'recommended but not mandatory'...whatever that means.
It means that highway=bus_stop usage and support, while completely ignoring new
tags introduced by PTv2 is fully compatible with PTv2.

Yes, supporting just highway=bus_stop, railway=tram_stop, amenity=bus_station
and completely ignoring public_transport=platform, public_transport=station and
so on is one of possible ways for implementing approved PTv2 proposal.

Yes, PTv2 is not a well written proposal.

No, I am not entirely sure why it was done this way (I have some theories but...)

> 2. People with a preference for the old tags see that as an excuse to keep using them
Simple tags are fully PTv2 compatible.

> 3. Consumers see that as an excuse to not support the new schema, even after 8 years of people requesting it - > https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto/issues/311
Supporting simple tags (and only simple tags) are fully compatible with approved PTv2 proposal.
Simple tags are also more popular and simpler to use.

> 5. Both sets of tags have to be documented, making the documentation more verbose than it might be.
> They should coexist...for a transitional phase. But it has to be just that - a _transition_, not a permanent inconsistent mess.
Note that it is extremely rare in OSM to actually transition tags. 
waterway=wadi still have more than 5000 uses.
Even highway=unsurfaced still have some uses.

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