[Tagging] landuse meadow getting the right description emphases

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 05:46:41 UTC 2020

On 15/3/20 4:36 pm, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:
> Unfortunately, a slight change to the description on the wiki will not
> stop mappers from using landuse=meadow for a wide variety of features.

Usually these are 'armchair mappers'. What they typically see is land cover not a land use.

> Currently there is even a tag meadow=perpetual for "meadows which are
> maintained by natural environmental conditions", which I would
> normally tag as natural=grassland.
> However, I do think that the description needs to say that it is
> mainly covered in grass and similar non-woody plants

There would be nothing wrong with tagging both



natural=grassland (or similar)

One is a land use the other a land cover.

> There are many areas of rangeland in semi-arid regions where the main
> vegetations is scrub or dwarf scrub (bushes and dwarf shrubs), where
> the primary landuse is grazing cattle or sheep. These areas are not
> tagged as landuse=meadow, because they are not a meadow or pasture:
> there is not much grass. Many of them can be tagged as natural=heath
> or natural=scrub, describing the semi-natural vegetation.

Here sheep give way to cattle in the more arid regions.

> The presence of mainly grass (or sedges, clover, other herbaceous
> plants) is just as important as the presence of grazing or occasional
> hay-cutting, to define a meadow or pasture.

The grass is not there once cut, the remains are stubble. Hence the word 'usually' can be employed?

> - Joseph Eisenberg
> On 3/15/20, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The present description of landuse=meadow is;
>> An area of meadow or pasture: land primarily vegetated by grass and other
>> non-woody plants, mainly used for hay or grazing.
>> That places the land cover before the land use. The emphases should be on
>> the land use, the land use should be first?
>> Possibly a better description:
>> An area of meadow or pasture: land primarily used to produce hay or for
>> grazing of animals. Usually vegetated by grass and other non-woody plants.
>> I am trying to get mappers not to use this for areas of grass land that
>> could be more appropriatly tagged natural=grassland.
>> Thoughts?
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