[Tagging] Ponds are not observable on the ground

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Thu Mar 19 14:23:01 UTC 2020

This discussion originally started in this changeset, which quite obviously was _not_ driven by a 
ground survey:


Some even larger in Sweden:

The latter give source="Lantmäteriet Topographic Map" which appears to be CC0 according to the wiki,
ok, however probably not the best source for large-scale mechanical edits.

Haven't found the edits on the Balkan yet that you mentioned in the CS discussion.

Regarding the question lake vs. pond, please remember the world is not black and white.

As with many features in OSM that could be A or B, there are always clear cases where everybody 
agrees that one object is A and the other clearly B, but there are cases where it depends on the 
judgment of the mapper.

The water in my neighbour's garden is a pond. The thing in the middle of a village is a pond. Quite 
The excavation from the most recent ice age, where I can swim, is a lake. Now go and find things in 

On 19.03.2020 14:15, pangoSE wrote:
 > IMO pond should not be mapped because it is not observable on the ground. How do you determine if 
it is
 > "artificially created"/"man made"?

On 19.03.2020 14:42, Paul Allen wrote:

> Oh, you're talking about water=pond after all.  Nothing about
> water=pond says man_made or natural, it just says that there is
> a pond of water.


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