[Tagging] Clearer definition of tunnel=flooded: when should it be used instead of tunnel=yes or tunnel=culvert?

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 23:45:21 UTC 2020

Unfortunately the original proposal did not really define
tunnel=flooded, nor did it clearly list it as a proposed new tag.

Now this page says: "A long (>100m) tunnel where flowing water or
other fluid prevent humans from safely walking inside"

It needs to be more clear when mappers should use tunnel=flooded and
when they should use tunnel=culvert or tunnel=yes.

Should a waterway=river every be tunnel=flooded, or is it then a canal?

How safe for walking does the tunnel have to be?

What about if a boat can go through the tunnel, but you can't walk?

Wiki page Tag:tunnel=flooded:

"A flooded tunnel is an artificial structure intended to channel water
on a significant distance. Its dimensions and length allow human to
fit inside but safe walking is impossible due to high amount of water
or other fluid expected in operation."

"Such tunnels are different from tunnel=culvert where human usually
can't enter and for which dimensions are restricted to building or way
it is supposed to go underpass."

"They are also different from tunnel=yes where a path is usually
intended for human to safely pass and where water level is usally
controlled for safety reasons"

But Tag:tunnel=culvert just says

"You may use tunnel=flooded to map larger and longer tunnels used to
channelise any fluid."

And Key:tunnel says:

"Where the water from a smaller stream, drain or even cattle crossing
passes under a way structure or a building consider using
tunnel=culvert in place of the tunnel=yes used for accessible and
larger tunnels for roads or railways."

"When the waterway=* runs underground for a considerable distance, you
can use tunnel=flooded especially when the duct isn't designed to be
safely accessible in operation or man_made=pipeline for sections built
with tube assemblies."

Key:waterway says: "A long (> 100 m) tunnel where flowing water or
other fluid prevent humans from safely walking inside despite its
appropriate diameter or size. Water inside can be pressurised or not,
used in combination with any waterway=* linear value."

-- Joseph Eisenberg

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