[Tagging] Updating definition and description of place=square

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Tue Mar 24 17:23:43 UTC 2020

[kind of a joke about NY and New England; there is quite the rivalrly]

What I take away from this exchange with you is that it is difficult to
know what "square" means, and this it is unlikely that people will
arrive at similar notions.

Around here, squares are not square.  (Oral tradition is that our roads
used to be cow paths.)   So one definition is

  a square is an area with an indistinct boundary that is known by a
  placename by most locals.  Almost always there are multiple roads
  intersecting, and typically it has some degree of importance
  (commerce, cultural, historical, or other) that is locally notable.
  There may or may not be an open area where people can gather.
  Typically the name is not primarily associated with the location as a
  settlement, although almost always people live there.

but by then it is so watered down, it might as well be place=locality.

To have this make sense, we really need a definition that one can read
while standing someplace and declare it to be a square or not a square.
I remain quite skeptical.

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