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Mon Mar 30 12:55:21 UTC 2020

On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 4:09 AM Martin Koppenhoefer
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> The thing is that squares often also serve as addresses and can be somehow seen very similar to streets, so the same as you can live in a street (meaning you live in a house on this street), you could also live on a square (a house bordering this square). At least it works like this in some languages I am aware of.

That's at least an explanation, though, for why it is that squares are
also micro-neighbourhoods, in both New England and old England.  A
square in common speech often encompasses the buildings that front on

It can be in some cases that urban redevelopment has caused the square
to vanish while the name lives on, or that a developer has chosen
'Square' as the name of something else. (There's a strip mall near me
that used to be called St. James's Square.) That, of course, is no
longer a square, any more than Billingsgate is a gate.(*)

(*) Yes, historically, it was the water gate where the Thames left the
City, but that fortification is long gone, and even the fish market
that led to 'billingsgate' as a word for foul language has moved away,
and the word itself faded into obscurity. But Billingsgate remains as
a Ward of the City.

73 de ke9tv/2, Kevin

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