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Am Mo., 30. März 2020 um 01:11 Uhr schrieb Kevin Kenny <
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> One example: Berkeley Square in London.  In form, it's a public garden,
> but even the English designate it a town square. As I understand it, an
> Englishman would not raise eyebrows at a sentence: "Winston Churchill, as a
> child, lived in Berkeley Square.  The Churchills' house, № 48, is the one
> entirely residential building remaining there; the rest of the buildings
> are all offices of financial concerns, much like the rest of Mayfair."

The thing is that squares often also serve as addresses and can be somehow
seen very similar to streets, so the same as you can live in a street
(meaning you live in a house on this street), you could also live on a
square (a house bordering this square). At least it works like this in some
languages I am aware of.

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