[Tagging] Remove non-prefixed versions of 'contact:' scheme

Valor Naram valinora at gmx.net
Mon May 4 10:53:30 UTC 2020

      I request to replace all occurrence of the non-prefixed versions of the contact keys like Key:phone, Key:email. Key:website to be replaced with the prefixed ones like Key:contact:phone, Key:contact:email, Key:contact:website . The current situation harms our database in a way that makes our data less useful. In order to be successful we need to standardize to the contact:
 prefix. No more multiple keys for the exact same purpose with just
different names! Make tagging more orthogonal! As someone who has
experience in database and normalisation it hurts to see that mappers
don't know how to take care of a database. It is time to take action and
 to clean up so OSM data gets more useful.

Having two keys for the same purpose (the current behaviour) has no advantages but many disadvantages:
 * Data customers need to be aware of both tags to cover all
requested and available information. So to get telephone numbers they
need to look for Key:phone and Key:contact:phone . This makes a bad

 * Normalisation of that data is required. Key:phone must be
translated to Key:contact:phone or backwards. It is good to prevent the
need of normalisation through standardisation as far as possible to
prevent errors and misinterpretations from happening.

 * Having two schemes leads to confusion of mappers (especially
for newbies) which they should use. Some need clear guidance ( e.g. On
request I created a translation table for mappers of the old diaper key
to help them to switch to the new Key:changing_table as you can see
here: ​https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:changing_table#Comparison_with_the_deprecated_diaper.3D.2A_key . I also notified some of the mappers and stakeholders about that change) 

See also:
OpenStreetMap contact schema unification

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