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> On 24. May 2020, at 23:43, Volker Schmidt <voschix at gmail.com> wrote:
> plenty of ways that look from the layout like combined foot-cycle paths but have  no signage at all
> plenty of service roads which show the "no transit for any vehicle" sign, but in reality you can happily pass with your bicycle and no policeman will ever say anything, or even know that "no vehicle" legally includes "no bicycle", There are plenty of cases where even signposted cycle routes follow such roads.

also other typical situations: 
- pedestrians walking on a signposted “pure” cycleway (with no dedicated sidewalk available)
- cyclists cycling on pedestrian infrastructure (like sidewalks, sometimes huge paved roadside areas without signage).
- cyclists cycling against the direction of a oneway street without signs that allow to do it

If it is common and there aren’t viable alternatives for cyclists, I have in the past tagged some of these tolerated shortcuts as bicycle=permissive particularly cycling on footways (e.g. footways separated by guard rails on trunk road bridges with neither signage nor significant pedestrian use). I have not done it for oneway roads, although it is what practically happens.

All these cases are in theory legally sanctioned but practically quite frequent and not sanctioned at all (may be depending on the area).

Cheers Martin 

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