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> amenity=mourning

Barely acceptable.  It's a verb not a noun, an activity not a place.


Acceptable.  Some would say mourning could happen anywhere, and
not necessarily for the dead.  But those people miss an important
fact about English: an arrangement of words may have a
different meaning from the literal interpretation of the
individual words.  Compare with "listed building" which
means a structure (not necessarily a building) which is
under the legal protection of a national heritage


Unacceptable.  "Mourning room" was the old name for what is now
known as a "living room" (and was also known as a "parlour"),  A
room in somebody's house which was pressed into use for the
display of a corpse when needed.


This is a verb, not a noun.  It is the process by which plans are
made to look at a corpse, not the place where the corpse is
viewed.  In American English it has taken on a meaning
different from a literal interpretation of the individual words,
but we use British English in OSM.


That almost works.  But it's a verb not a noun, an activity not a place.
With additional words it could work, but it would be rather inelegantly

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