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>> To me it doesn't make sense to draw a line, dividing the same objects
>>> having more or less historic value. If there is something to distinguish at
>>> all, my suggestion would be to add a qualifier to those objects of
>>> exceptional historical value (if this is verifiable).
>> We have a way of tagging objects of exceptional historical value, it's
>> historic=*.  Objects of unexceptional historical value, or of no
>> historical
>> value do not get tagged with historic=*.  That's because historic is
>> not a synonym (in the real world or in tagging) for old, disused or
>> repurposed.
> just that it is not what we are currently doing.
> That is not what some of us are currently doing.  Others read the wiki page
and tag accordingly.

It occurs to me that some of the mis-tagging (as I see it) and some of the
discussions here may revolve around semantics as interpreted by
those who do not have English as a first language.  There is a
difference between "historical" and "historic."

Historians are concerned with historical data.  Old data (about
populations, diseases or whatever) is historical data.  The
assassination of a minor archduke, which seemed unimportant
at the time, quickly turned into a historic event.

When somebody says that "historic" applies to everything that
historians do, that is incorrect.  What historians mostly do is
look at historical data, some small fraction of which is
also historic.

See https://www.grammarly.com/blog/historic-historical/
for a better explanation.

So historic=* really should only apply (as the wiki page states) to the
things of the past, not everything some random historian might happen
to be looking into.

So the question is, do we accept that because some mappers have misused
the tag we should encourage that misuse or do we discourage it?

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