[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - electricity=*

Lukas Richert lrichert at posteo.de
Sat Nov 14 16:53:54 UTC 2020

Hi François,

the combination of electricity:grid=yes with either electricity:origin=* 
or electricity:grid:origin=* would point to the origin being only about 
financial flows as advertised on-the-ground.

For the purpose of filtering out amenities, e.g. charging stations, that 
only use 'green' electricity it is still useful to tag 
electricity:origin=* or electricity:generator:origin=* in combination 
with electricity:generator=yes. Alternatively, there would need to be a 
tagged relation to the specific generator and the end users it supplies 
which would be considerably harder to query and many OSM editers seem to 
find relations confusing. Therefore, I think the slight bit of 
redundancy is useful to explicitly tag this on the amenity. Furthermore, 
the word 'origin' is used, not only to avoid two tags with very similar 
meanings that can be easily distinguished by combination with the 
infrastructure tag, but also since 'electricity:source' would then have 
a double meaning with 'the survey/map/place where the knowledge of the 
electricity was obtained', which is apparently a problem for some other 
tags using source as a keyword.


On 14.11.20 17:15, François Lacombe wrote:
> Hi Lukas
> Le jeu. 12 nov. 2020 à 00:48, Lukas Richert <lrichert at posteo.de 
> <mailto:lrichert at posteo.de>> a écrit :
>     electricity:generator:origin
>     <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/w/index.php?title=Key:electricity:generator:origin&action=edit&redlink=1>=solar
> I didn't get in details what leads to this association between local 
> supply with a generator and origin and it's not correct.
> Origin is only financial/market flows (in association with according 
> communication claiming for environmental benefits). A particular trade 
> to pay for a certain kind of electricity production.
> When electricity is locally produced, for a given building, it's not 
> about origin, it's only about source.
> As we already define the source on the generator itself, this would be 
> redundant to explicitly define it on the building as well.
> "Origin" is a term that should only be related with grid power supply 
> as everyone consumes the same electricity but can pay for particular 
> origins.
> All the best
> François
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