[Tagging] lanes - is "parking allowed" a parking lane?

Tobias Zwick osm at westnordost.de
Thu Nov 19 14:17:37 UTC 2020

Hello all

First of all, in the past, we have explored many edge cases for the 
lanes-tag in various discussions and I am happy that for the most part, 
it seems to be quite well defined by now. However, there is one edge 
case which is not uncommon at all but still unclear or awkward to tag. 
Look at this:


It is a residential road marked clearly for 2 lanes, so it seems obvious 
to tag it with lanes=2. But on the other hand, you'll notice that there 
are parking cars on the right side that effectively render the right 
lane unusable. These parking cars would (currently) be tagged I believe as


And the wiki states

 > And the following lanes should be excluded:
 > [...] Parking lanes [...]

So here is an ambiguity in the documentation. On the one hand, if the 
road has marked lanes, the number of marked lanes should be tagged, on 
the other hand, there are these kind of "parking lanes" which do not 
have their own space marked as a parking lane but simply absorb the 
space assigned to normal car traffic. In OSM tagging, these are also 
"parking:lane"s as far as I know.

We need to dissolve this ambiguity by defining a way how to distinguish 
between these two cases:

(1) a dedicated parallel parking lane. This lane should not count as a 
lane in the lanes-tag.
(2) (parallel) parking is allowed (and used). This should be irrelevant 
for the lane count.

My suggestion would be
(1) parking:lane:*:parallel = lane
(2) parking:lane:*:parallel = on_street

Maybe especially those who recently involved themselves with parking 
lane tagging out and about and its documentation could also state their 
point of view here. According to the wiki edit history, looks like at 
least Mateusz Konieczny, Supaplex030 and Minh Nguyễn were active.
What do you think?

There is also at least one data consumer I know about that is using 
parking lane information and displays it visually,
https://github.com/dabreegster/abstreet it would be good to know how 
they interpret and visualize the data.


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