[Tagging] RFC: vaccination / COVID-19 vaccination centres

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Thu Nov 26 02:31:41 UTC 2020

I'm in California, where it's almost cliché we love our cars and car culture, but it is true that not only here but in many USA states, we have "drive-thru" COVID-19 testing centers.  I would guess that vaccination centers that are also "drive-thru" are likely soon (early 2021?), too.  These being mapped with "indefinite duration" seems a bit much (sorry, Brian), but they are usually more of a "pop-up" kind of thing:  one-time or "only on Saturdays" or something like that.  OSM could use the opening_hours syntax to describe the "when" of these being available.  But let's be clear on whether they are "testing" or "vaccination" (I have seen the former, but not yet the latter, unless for the usually-winter flu, not COVID-19).

Whether these belong in the healthcare=* key, I don't know.  The testing or vaccination aspect both are certainly a form of healthcare.  However, while COVID-19 is new, and there is now testing, but not vaccination (I expect there will be), regular-old "flu vaccines" (not testing for it, but a vaccine injection) are and have been widely available for years.  These are often at "drugstores" (in the USA, these are a sort of large variety store that has a full pharmacy in the back), and once becoming established at being a place where one can get your usually-in-autumn-or-winter flu vaccination, often perform this service year after year.  Some even advertise that they are free:  it may be that an insurance certificate / card must be provided, rarely, though sometimes, even this is not required, especially for elderly / senior citizens.  I hope this helps.


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