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On Thu, 26 Nov 2020 at 02:35, stevea <steveaOSM at softworkers.com> wrote:

> I'm in California, where it's almost cliché we love our cars and car
> culture, but it is true that not only here but in many USA states, we have
> "drive-thru" COVID-19 testing centers.

In the UK we don't have much of a drive-thru anything except maybe some
fast-food outlets of American origin.  Yet all the covid-19 testing centres
aware of are strictly drive-thru.  As in you're not allowed to turn up on
because if you're infected you may pass it on to other pedestrians you walk
near.  And they're drive-thru because the swabs are taken in the open.
The swabs are taken in the open because there is far less risk of
transmission outdoors than indoors.

>   I would guess that vaccination centers that are also "drive-thru" are
> likely soon (early 2021?), too.

The same reasons that make the test centres drive-thru apply to
vaccination centres.  Eventually, when we have herd immunity
(one way or another) indoor vaccination may be feasible (but
probably undesirable).  The health workers will be vaccinated
first so they won't be at risk either way, but these places will
be handling large numbers of people and having them all wait
indoors is a good way of infecting lots of people.

>   These being mapped with "indefinite duration" seems a bit much (sorry,
> Brian), but they are usually more of a "pop-up" kind of thing:  one-time or
> "only on Saturdays" or something like that.

There is a temporary, short-duration, won't be there for long, test centre
popped up in my town because a couple of weeks ago some idiots decided
to celebrate the end of firebreak restrictions by going to the pubs and
ignoring social distancing completely.  Fifty-five cases came of that, and
three hundred contacts have been traced.  I expect it to go away in a few
weeks if the outbreak gets under control.  I'm not confident the outbreak
will be under control very soon because a lot of the celebrants were
shop workers.

But as well as that pop-up test centre because of the sudden surge, there
is an existing test centre.  That's based at the leisure centre that was
converted to an emergency overflow hospital several months ago. I only
found out the test centre was there a few days ago because we try to
keep their locations secret, so I probably won't map it.

Vaccination centres are going to handle more people than test centres
do because nearly the entire population will have to be vaccinated but
only a very small fraction of the population is tested (we ought to be
testing everyone at least once a week, but my country's government
is somewhat incompetent).

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