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Sat Oct 24 11:30:07 UTC 2020

Hey all,

I would like to invite you to discuss a proposal for "parking =
street_side" for areas suitable or designated for parking, which are
directly adjacent to the carriageway of a road and can be reached
directly from the roadway without having to use an access way:

The proposed tagging can be used on separate parking areas as well as
with the parking:lane-scheme. It aims not only to differentiate such
street-accompanying parking areas from others, especially
"parking=surface", but also addresses a contradiction in the current use
of the amenity=parking and parking:lane-scheme, which I would like to
mention briefly at this point: the use of "layby"/"lay_by".

The value "layby" was originally intended for forms of resting places,
as they seem to be especially common in rural areas of Great Britain,
Ireland or the US: short-stop rest-areas along through-traffic roads
intended for breaks during a car-trip (see Wikipedia for a definition:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rest_area#Lay-bys). On areas with
"amenity=parking" this key is also used in this sense (and mostly in
Great Britain).

Within the parking:lane-schema, however, the value "lay_by" (written
with an underscore) has gained acceptance. According to the Wiki, this
value is defined identically to the layby's mentioned above. Its actual
use, however, differs from this and includes mainly street-side parking,
as we address them in our proposal.

With our proposal, we also want to resolve this contradiction. Above
all, however, we would like to create more clarity about different types
of parking in order to be able to distinguish between them.

looking forward to your opinions and discussions,
- Alex - (and Jeroen Hoek, another author of this proposal)

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