[Tagging] Defining the meaning of capacity tag for tourism=camp_site

Sven Geggus lists at fuchsschwanzdomain.de
Sat Oct 31 10:23:45 UTC 2020


I already have a diary entry for this issue, but I think it would be better
discussing it here.


The problem is, that real-world usage of the capacity tag on camp-istes is
currently inconsistent and thus mostly useless.

While the wiki clearly states that capacity means people a lot of mappers
seem to think that the number of camp-pitches is meant.

The problem is, that both numbers seem to make sense on different types of
camp-sites.  While the (maximum) Number of people is interesting on
group-only, scout and backcountry sites, there is no such thing on
camping/caravaning sites at all.

In the latter case we are typically talking about the maximum number of tents
and caravans while the number of people using the site is usually not limited.

As a response to my diary Entry Lyx suggestest two new tags:

We already have "maxtents" and we could simply add "maxcaravans" and
"maxvisitors" deprecating capacity in case of camp-sites.

Similar in spirit would be deprecating "maxtents" unsing "capacity:tents",
"capacity:caravans" and  "capacity:visitors" in future.

What do you think?


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