[Tagging] "width" on streets: Time for a recommendation

Jan Michel jan at mueschelsoft.de
Tue Sep 22 17:28:42 UTC 2020

I think that's fine, with two remarks from my side:

You write "shoulder:width" but "sidewalk:<side>:width". It should be 
made clear that <side> (left,right,both) can be used in all cases, but 
is optional. E.g. there is no difference between sidewalk:width and 

"If the width cannot be measured exactly, but is only an estimation, 
est_width=* should be used."
I disagree here - the obvious problem is how to define "exactly" and 
"estimation". Why should the tag change depending on how precise the 
mapping is? Should we have a "est_building" tag if we can't draw a 
precise outline? How is "width" different?

On 21.09.20 15:52, Supaplex wrote:
> As a result of this discussion I would like to add a clarifying 
> paragraph on the corresponding wiki page. The core statement is: "To 
> avoid these ambiguities, some tags are in use to specify the width of 
> different elements: ..." See the Talk Page: 
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Key:width#.22width.22_on_streets.2Fhighway
> Maybe someone has time and motivation to make a proposal(?) to directly 
> define "width" in these cases. Since there are different opinions on 
> this, I would leave it at a clarifying paragraph for now.
> - Alex -

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