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Michael Patrick geodesy99 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 22:49:43 UTC 2020

One could always refer to the industry codes and subcodes that define
product or service, for whatever jurisdiction. Along with industry trade
publications - 'Chapel of Rest' seems to be a dated UK specific term (
similar to  the US term 'undertaker') , whereas viewing / visitation would
be perfectly understood in the UK and pretty much translate to other
languages as well.

The euphemistic 'Chapel of Rest' is more generically known as 'Viewing /
Visitation Service', most commonly a room(s) where folks can pay their
respects outside the ceremony itself,minimally with a guest registry,
sometimes with scheduled hours, etc.

The 'Viewing Service' ( similar to other services, like the florists ) can
range from none, once it was basically a small rooms the size of a large
closet off a hallway, all the way up to full catered banquet facility for
some cultures ( I once went to one in Detroit, where the open casket and
reception line was right there with tables of people eating brunch

Michael Patrick

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