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> >> From: Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com>
> >> The euphemistic 'Chapel of Rest' is more generically known as 'Viewing /
> > >Visitation Service', most commonly a room(s) where folks can pay their
> > >respects outside the ceremony itself,minimally with a guest registry,
> >> sometimes with scheduled hours, etc.
> > Problem 1.  "Viewing Service" is the name of a process, not the name
> > of the building or room it takes place in.  "Turn left after the Viewing
> > Service" > makes no sense, any more than "Turn right after the prayer"
> as an alternative to "Turn right after the church."

Mmmm .... I agree, that's my point. 'Chapel of Rest' isn't a place, at best
sometimes might be a dedicated room in a funeral establishment. Apparently,
it is not infrequently the showroom for caskets if a larger attendance
needs to
be accommodated.

> Problem 2.  "Viewing service" implies some sort of formalized event,
> > probably religious with a speaker delivering a eulogy.  A Chapel of
> > Rest is for looking at a dead body, with no formal ceremony.  Possibly
> > in complete silence.  Possible with only one live person in the room.
> > Contrast this with a religious service, which has prayers, hymns,
> > a sermon, bouts of kneeling, etc.

Connotation of 'service' as in 'floral service', embalming service',
'cremation service' or otherwise business task / activity like 'automotive
repair service', rather than the religious service denotation like a mass.

>From the US Federal Trade Checklist at

*   Visitation/viewing — staff and facilities __________   Funeral or
memorial service — staff and facilities __________   Graveside service,
including staff and equipment __________*
UK funeral industry shows both 'Chapel of Rest', or that term with
visitation / viewing, some just have 'venue rental'. CoR is fairly

> Problem 3.  I've not encountered that term as a synonym for a chapel of
> > rest.  But I've not looked very hard.  Citation needed.
... and hundreds more. Canada seems to be similar to the US.

Viewing / Visitation seem to translate well
 زيارة مشاهدة الجنازة ( Arabic ) goes to 'Funeral watch visit', i.e. it
survives round trips through google Translate.

'Chapel of Rest' seems to be one of those terms like 'Take the goat to the
butcher and have the butcher butcher the animal into cuts of meat.' The
location takes on the name of an ephemeral activity that occurs in it, or
the entity temporarily occupying it.

Michael Patrick

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