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> Am 01.04.2021 um 16:38 schrieb Marc_marc:
> Here you have to clearly distinguish between "club" (= the place where the
> club meets regularly) and a place that is a clubhouse / "club_home". One
> is general, but it can also be a school, a restaurant, a clubhouse or
> whatever. All places where a club can meet. Several clubs meet in some
> places. A clubhouse or, as the tagging provides, "community_centre =
> club_home" is a subset, but not identical to the entirety of all clubs.

This is not how it works in British English.

In British English, a community centre is for a geographic community.  It
is available for hire and may also do things organized by some sort of
community organizing group. There may be lectures on local flora and fauna;
a projector may show films; there may be demonstrations of (say) flower
arranging or cooking.  There might even be a club which hires it on a
basis, such as a chess club holding matches there.  Whether or
not one club uses it, whether or not many clubs use it, it is NOT
a club house.

In British English a club house is for sole use by a specific club.
It may have equipment, books or trophies of that club.  So the
club house for a chess club would have boards, chess pieces,
books about chess and maybe one or two trophies.  These are
not community centres.

Some clubs also sell alcoholic beverages to members and
their guests.  These include my local rugby club, my local
golf club and working men's clubs.  These are not community

It is a fact of English that words used in some combinations do not
always have the same meaning as the individual words used in
isolation.  One cannot analyse "community centre" by looking
at the meaning of "community" and the meaning of "centre."

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