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Same in Nederland.

Mvg Peter Elderson

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>> Am 01.04.2021 um 16:38 schrieb Marc_marc:
>> Here you have to clearly distinguish between "club" (= the place where the club meets regularly) and a place that is a clubhouse / "club_home". One is general, but it can also be a school, a restaurant, a clubhouse or whatever. All places where a club can meet. Several clubs meet in some places. A clubhouse or, as the tagging provides, "community_centre = club_home" is a subset, but not identical to the entirety of all clubs.
> This is not how it works in British English.
> In British English, a community centre is for a geographic community.  It
> is available for hire and may also do things organized by some sort of
> community organizing group. There may be lectures on local flora and fauna;
> a projector may show films; there may be demonstrations of (say) flower
> arranging or cooking.  There might even be a club which hires it on a regular
> basis, such as a chess club holding matches there.  Whether or
> not one club uses it, whether or not many clubs use it, it is NOT
> a club house.
> In British English a club house is for sole use by a specific club.
> It may have equipment, books or trophies of that club.  So the
> club house for a chess club would have boards, chess pieces,
> books about chess and maybe one or two trophies.  These are
> not community centres.
> Some clubs also sell alcoholic beverages to members and
> their guests.  These include my local rugby club, my local
> golf club and working men's clubs.  These are not community
> centres.
> It is a fact of English that words used in some combinations do not
> always have the same meaning as the individual words used in
> isolation.  One cannot analyse "community centre" by looking
> at the meaning of "community" and the meaning of "centre."
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> Paul
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