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Fri Apr 2 08:40:58 UTC 2021

as I see it, there is no need for landuse=school or landuse=education. We
already have amenity=school, amenity=college, amenity=university etc. which
imply the land is used for educational purposes. A landuse tag is not
adding anything. Educational landuse might be a category a mapmaker who
renders a map will think in, but it is not something we should encourage
mappers to explicitly tag. It's redundant and nothing is gained from this
redundancy, on the contrary, it leads to confusion as to where to put the
semantic tags that further describe the institution.

While you can add POIs as nodes, it is clearly inferior to mapping them as
polygons, because polygons convey information about size, shape,
orientation, and more detailed topology (what is inside what, which is the
shared border, etc.) that is not present in a node, this is why we should
encourage people to map schools as polygons. The logical consequence is to
add not only buildings but the whole grounds (where this applies, but even
in case there is just a building in a block I often have found there is an
inner yard / open space which is not the building but is part of the

Having an element with just building=school and the name of the school is
lacking an amenity=school tag to describe a school, it only describes as
school builing and the building name.

Here is an example of school grounds with a distinct name:

within there are 2 schools and one kindergarten (each with their own staff,
own headmaster, etc., but sharing the entrances, parts of the garden and
use of a functional building (kitchen, workshop space, refectorium).
Ideally I would have mapped them as polygons, but I do not have the
knowledge which buildings and areas are for which school for all of them,
so for the moment I have represented them with a node in the approximate
area that I know:

The buildings all have their own names.

The situation is further complicated by having one school (the secondary
school) divided upon 2 sites (1st and second grade in one, third grade in
the other), and because the belong administratively to an school insititute
with another site and the administration at the other site (this is what I
have mapped with "network").

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