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> You'll never be able to "shoehorn" (attempt to "stuff into a simplistic
> definition a complex concept") the idea of colleges and universities into
> such an overtly simple "one or the other" kind of ontology:  the richness
> and variability of colleges, universities and the ways that they are both
> separate from each other and interact with one another — even on one campus
> — is impossible to make such a simplistic definition fit very well,
> especially worldwide.

It is confusing.  And yet it is often possible to distinguish between things
which have "college" in their name and colleges which are academic
institutions that are not universities.

In the UK, universities award graduate (and higher) degrees (although they
may also award lower qualifications); colleges cannot award graduate
degrees (though they may affiliate with a university to offer accredited
courses resulting in degrees).  Seems simple enough: universities
award degrees, colleges do not.

But then we have the complications of Oxford and Cambridge.  Their
constituent parts are called colleges, which are mainly halls of
residence (accommodation) but doing other things too (exactly
what I'm not sure).

It seems to me that there is a distinction to be drawn between institutions
that can award degrees in their own right (universities) and those that
(colleges) even if some component parts of a university have "college" in
their name.

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