[Tagging] Proposed rewrite Of highway=track wiki page - Third Draft

Zeke Farwell ezekielf at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 15:01:39 UTC 2021

All good points raised.  Let me just provide some context for why I chose
certain phrases.

In an earlier draft I used the phrase "minor land access roads".  I
received feedback that the word minor may not be clear enough when
translated into other languages so I changed it to "low importance land
access roads".  "low usage" could also work but I think "minor" or "low
importance" is preferable.  It really is about the relative importance in
the road network in the same way we decide if unclassified, tertiary,
secondary, etc is appropriate.  track is of lower importance to the network
than these other classifications.

Re: "regular road network".  This is indeed vague, but it does seem to be a
concept that many mappers have in their minds.  I received feedback stating
that track roads are something less than a regular road, not part of the
public network, and various other statements to that effect.  It sounds
like in Germany there is even a legal distinction between "roads" (Stra├če)
and "ways" (Wege).  In other countries it seems to be more of a general
idea separating "roads everyone uses" from "ways that aren't quite roads
but some motor vehicles use".  Perhaps there is a better way to phrase it,
but I think this additional qualification beyond simply "land access roads"
is useful.  There are roads in remote areas of North America that could
easily be considered "land access roads" because there is nothing but open
land around them, but track is not the appropriate classification as they
do serve as a connection between very distant towns.
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