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> On 8 Apr 2021, at 01:44, Kevin Broderick <ktb at kevinbroderick.com> wrote:
> The only other caveat I'd bring up is with the "not a track" bullet for "A trail, path, or other way that is not intended for motor vehicles"; I don't know if "not used for motor vehicles by the public" or something similar might be a little better.

maybe we could add “that is not OR NO MORE intended for motor vehicles”. Some tracks are actually old roads which have been replaced by a newer road. 

A relatively “recent“ (something like 30 years) example is this: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/572863648#map=13/48.5345/9.1100 which used to be a primary road but has been closed to traffic because there’s been constructed a motorroad and it is now a track (has also been partly dismantled, which may not be the case for less important roads that always remained built to a lower standard). These older roads often follow the terrain more closely while the newer alignments might have been possible due to a bigger engineering effort (cuttings, bridges and viaducts, etc.). Many other examples may never have been paved and were lower importance alternative ways that got less and less used because their standard was never improved and alternatives were available.

Cheers Martin 

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