[Tagging] Colocated school/churchgrounds (was Re: multiple schools on one plot)

Brian M. Sperlongano zelonewolf at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 14:43:50 UTC 2021

> > Interesting, it hadn't occurred to me to tag a shared grounds
> > simultaneously as amenity=school *and* landuse=religious. That would
> > at least allow a savvy data consumer to differentiate shared
> > school/churchgrounds. For example, an Overpass query would subtract
> > double-tagged amenity=school landuse=religious features from the
> > overall number of amenity=school features.
> >
> For tagging amenity=school over a large area, my question would be
> similar -- Is everything inside the area part of the school?

The term you are looking for here is a "campus".  Classroom buildings,
residence halls, dining facilities, athletic fields, the school store, and
recreational facilities are all collectively part of a
school/college/university campus.   And yes, we would consider the entire
campus to be "the school".

These areas can get quite large, for example, there is a university in my
state that has (among other things) an agricultural program, and so there
are sections of the university that are indistinguishable from farmland
(although they are markedly smaller than a large commercial farm might be.

Conversely, there are also colleges and universities that are entirely
housed within a single building in an urban setting.

There are many flavors of nuance with regard to educational facilities, and
any tagging scheme we come up with must be flexible enough that we have the
building blocks to construct any variant that may exist in the real world
in a human and machine-understandable way.
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