[Tagging] Proposed rewrite Of highway=track wiki page - Third Draft

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Sun Apr 11 12:43:49 UTC 2021

Am Sa., 10. Apr. 2021 um 16:05 Uhr schrieb Bert -Araali- Van Opstal <
bert.araali.afritastic at gmail.com>:

> However, none of them, no track has a major social importance.
+1 (well, some may have importance as a bike connection :), depending on
your definition of "social importance")

> 2. not considered part of the regular road network: also here, depending
> on the regional context, what is to be regarded as the "regular road
> network". I think we can improve this by just adding some context.
> Regular road network could be improved by saying "local regular road
> network", adding the local context forces the mapper to always observe it
> with a reference how the LOCAL road network is developed and used.

the regular road network are all the roads that you take when you want to
go to something that is not just fields, woods or similar. If a road is the
only way to a few houses, to a village, or is a road that people take to go
from one village to the other, it is part of the road network and not just
a track.

> I would also add the term public here, so we get "not considered part of
> the LOCAL, regular PUBLIC road network".

why would we explicitly exclude private roads? Some private (likely toll)
roads are very important in the road network. (Some or many) tracks by the
way, depending on the area, may be public (by ownership).

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