[Tagging] Removing landuse=military from military=barracks

Peter Neale nealepb at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Apr 14 14:23:34 UTC 2021

Yes, it is very common , in British English, to refer to an "army base" (US English) as a "Barracks".
An individual building, used for the accommodation of troops, would be called a "barrack block".
An area of land, including one, or more, barrack blocks, a parade square, garages, stores buildings, sports field, etc. would be "the barracks"  e.g Imphal Barracks in York.
A single "barracks" - sorry, but it is considered singular, even though it looks like a plural - can house a unit (a company, squadron, workshop, regiment, battalion... don't start asking about all the different terms for essentially the same size of unit), or the headquarters of a larger formation (division, brigade, etc.)
So, IMHO in OSM you can map a single building (barrack block) as "military=barracks".  If you map several of these that stand within a common area, that area SHOULD be "landuse=military".  I am a little hesitant about adding the landuse to a single, isolated building, but that would be logical - perhaps include a small strip of land around it, if that is justified?  I DO NOT think that we should stack "landuse=military", one inside another by insisting that every "military=barracks" MUST also have a "landuse=military" tag, even if it stands in an area already tagged as "landuse=military".
Regards,Peter(Retired, after 29 years' service in the British Army)

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Since it has been redefined as "buildings where military personnel live and sleep", it should now only be used on individual, or a group of, buildings, almost invariably found inside a base area. With the current mandatory combination with landuse=military, it means that you have landuse=military + military=barracks nested inside an area of landuse=military + military=base, which is a bit awkward. 

it get’s weirder when the name of the base(?) is then Foo Barracks, e.g. the US Kelley Barracks in Stuttgart:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelley_Barracks
These are not just "buildings where military personnel live and sleep" but include the headquarters of US Africom.
maybe “barracks” is also used for a kind of base in some cases?
Not sure about English, but in German usage the term “Kaserne” (barracks), while literally referring to the sleeping quarters, is used as a generic term for a military base “at home” or maybe at “friends”.
Cheers Martin 
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