[Tagging] Proposed features/trailblazed=poles; cairns; symbols ... Approved

Peter Elderson pelderson at gmail.com
Tue Apr 20 09:56:53 UTC 2021

> Tagging trailblazed=* should be used only to sections of path, track,
> road which are really marked. So it should tag only "ways" and it should
> never tag "relations" for same reason.

I can't follow the logic. Trying:
Tag trailblazed=* on paths or tracks which are only visible because of
poles, cairns or other markings.If only part of the way is trailblazed for
visibility, only tag the relevant sections. *Do not tag trailblazed=* on
route relations containing such a way. In route relations, use symbol=*,
colour=* or osmc:symbol=* to tag the waymarking of the entire route. *
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