[Tagging] RFC - Deprecate railway=preserved

Kai Michael Poppe - OSM osm at poppe.dev
Tue Apr 20 20:11:35 UTC 2021

Hi Marc,

thank you again for your idea. I am considering what a good way to solve this is - hence my desperate wish for comments from the ORM users - if they'd be fine with scrapping the now dominant tag and replace it by something else, this should be a possible solution.


Am 20. April 2021 21:50:41 MESZ schrieb Marc_marc <marc_marc at mailo.com>:
>Le 20.04.21 à 21:37, Kai Michael Poppe - OSM a écrit :
>> discouraging the use of railway=preserved, to deprecating it.
>fine with that.
>but you still replace one problem by 2 others:
>- use of useless namespace
>- value as a key without interest since the case preserved=no
>is already filled by usage=main for example
>so I still suggest usage=preserved
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