[Tagging] Roundabout, center island, type of a traffic_island?

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Wed Apr 28 21:40:06 UTC 2021

A common example, from the ditch/ditchslope, verge, carriageway, verge, to the ditch, and all other polygon elements in between path, footway, bridleway, shoulder, you name it, all this is landuse=highway.
We could tag it, but we do not do it for some reason.
All polygons inside landuse have function for traffic, to go, for safety reason, for information, to park, to escape, water management, service area, area:highway=verge area:highway=shoulder, etc.
All polygon elements get a area:highway=*, that is the concept. But not all polygons are worked out.
The wayline is for routing. highway=*.

Some are made for splitting the road,  but also some as a function to calm traffic, or to refuge. Or other reasons.

Aprons to go over with truck.

The function of a center island is, to guide the carriageway, split in such a way to make it a roundabout, one way, influence the traffic behavior, also for placing traffic signs, destination signs, lightning, see through visibility or not, all to support the traffic.
There are all kind of variations.
area:highway=center_island, big ones small ones, this could be but i see it more as a type of area:highway= traffic_island. To guide the traffic. The main purpose.

landuse=grass, the verge, have a traffic function, to park, emergency, water management, host all kinds of traffic related elements.
It must be possible to distinguish between the verge and other landuse=grass.

Either area:highway this or that.



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