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I am personally aware of many minor (unclassified and residential roads)
locally  here in Northern Italy that are unpaved (mostly
Another area where I remember I have met unpaved connecting roads in large
quantities is Eesti. They were well maintained and easy to ride on bicycle.
(“type:way and highway=unclassified and (surface=unpaved or
surface=fine_gravel or surface=compacted or surface=gravel) in Eesti” finds
2062 of them)



On Wed, 21 Apr 2021 at 10:09, Mateusz Konieczny via Tagging <
tagging at openstreetmap.org> wrote:

> Note that highway=track may interconnect larger roads - but as long as it
> is not used
> for transit it can be still be just highway=track
> Though if you have things that are tagged as highway=track solely because
> they are unpaved
> and functionally are residential roads or main access roads to villages I
> would recommend retagging.
> Though I would be kind of surprised if there are actually unpaved
> highway=unclassified there.
> In Poland it is nowadays really rare to have unpaved road as a main access
> road to settlement.
> I thought that in more densely populated and richer western Europe all
> such cases are gone already.
> See for example following highway=track being highway=track despite
> connecting
> larger roads:
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=50.1722&mlon=19.8527#map=16/50.1722/19.8527
> (generally not used due to poor surface and massive incline and viable
> alternatives,
> as result it has no role higher than "access to forest" in road network)
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=50.1964&mlon=19.8625#map=16/50.1964/19.8625
> interconnects two larger road, but is not part of connection between
> settlements as
> due to its quality people generally drive around. So as result of low
> quality compared
> to alternatives also function in general road network is quite low.
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=50.0555&mlon=19.8189#map=15/50.0555/19.8189
> the same, quality is just good enough for bicycles and agricultural
> machinery, role in general
> road network is highway=track despite technically connecting larger roads
> Apr 20, 2021, 21:35 by pelderson at gmail.com:
> About translation: I'm usually all for Dutch translations, but in this
> case I'm not going to do it. The reason is that it would invalidate or
> outdate a lot of tagging in Nederland, where in fact the tracks are unpaved
> through-roads. They look like tracks (double tracked unpaved and do give
> access to the land or forest, but they also interconnect larger paved roads
> and often at the same time give access to housing. Although I agree in
> principle with the change in definition, but I think means that these track
> roads are now suddenly unpaved unclassifieds, I am not going to advocate
> changing it.
> Fr gr Peter Elderson
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