[Tagging] Order of parts of keys / Suffix, Prefix, Namespaces

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Sun Jan 3 19:40:23 UTC 2021

piste:type, piste:grooming etc... are also exceptions. 

Le 3 janvier 2021 19:43:10 GMT+01:00, Jan Michel <jan at mueschelsoft.de> a écrit :
>Dear all,
>we have quite many prefixes and suffixes for keys that can be added to 
>the main key as necessary to describe objects in more and more detail. 
>Each of these components is documented rather well (some more, some less 
>so) and also the relationship of a suffix to the main key is usually 
>documented, mostly with examples. What we are missing is some general 
>overview that puts the different suffixes in relation to each other.
>Surprisingly, actual tagging is quite consistent in this respect. I 
>tried to compile a list with a general tagging scheme that can be used 
>as a reference to define the order of parts in a composite key:
>I'd like to ask you for some comments as well as more exceptions I 
>failed to identify. I'd also like to compile a list with real-world 
>examples that are actually in use (and meaningful).
>Please note that this is not meant to advocate new and complicated tags, 
>but is just to combine everything we use so far into one document.
>I.e. don't add
>to tag that you checked the fact that one of the lanes of a road had a 
>weight limitation for trucks during peak hours for several years has 
>ended 8 years ago and is still not active any more.
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