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Peter Elderson pelderson at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 20:33:20 UTC 2021

I don't like the |-character for up to and including, because | is
regularly used for OR.

The usual character for a range is the hyphen. Anything else will lead to
mapper errors, mixed use and other things causing uncertainty what was
meant, hence guessing/extra processing at the data user side.

Irregular numberings with missing numbers, lettered subranges within
ranges, I think you can only enumerate or map separate addresses.

Solution should leave installed base as intact as possible. No-one wants
mass retagging.

What is the problem? I think:
1. That the interval needs to be specified,
2. Hyphens can be part of the numbers
3. Irregular ranges.

I think a range format is needed with format options. If all the
options are left out, it's a simple range.
It will need parsing, but a data use that doesn't parse is no worse off
than now.

E.g. you could have the option that <start> and <end> may be quoted
strings. For a simple range quotes are allowed but not necessary; if start
or end contain a hyphen you better add quotes if you want it processed as a

Irregular ranges: enumerate witha specified sperator, e.g. semicolon. In
Nederland we would use a comma in this type of list.

Interval: I think default of 2 is not wise. The even/odd system applies
mainly to streets, where every building has its own number and one side is
even, the other is odd, but I think these simply should get there own
address tag. Ranges apply to larger building and blocks, for which the
even/odd numbering often doesn't apply.

So, default interval=1 is best I think.
Different intervals can be specified in a separate tag, or (while you are
formatting/parsing anyway) be a part of the range string. E.g. (2) or ;2 at
the end of the range string (separator should be different from enumeration

Maybe make spaces optional for readability?

15-20 = '15'-'25' = 15,16,17,18,19,20
15-25 (2) = '15'-'25' = 15,17,19,21,23,25
'123-15'-'123-21' (2)  = 123-15,123-17,123-19,123-21
10, 11a,11b,11c,12,14,

The instructions would be:
0. Use m-n for a simple range m up to n with interval 1
1. Append (2) if the interval is 2 | append (n) if the interval is n
2. quote <start> and <end> separately if they contain a hyphen;
3. For irregular not too long ranges (max ?), enumerate all using comma
4. Else no range spec is possible.

Peter Elderson

Op zo 3 jan. 2021 om 17:25 schreef ipswichmapper--- via Tagging <
tagging at openstreetmap.org>:

> Hello,
> This is another RFC for the proposal "addr:interval". This page has been
> moved twice, and has changed significantly from the original proposal.
> Since discussion has stagnated a bit, I have decided to create a new RFC
> with specific goals in mind:
>    1. The wiki page contains three "options" to chose from to help tag a
>    range of addresses. Which one is the best? Please discuss.
>    2. Are there any more *simple* options (other than the three on the
>    wiki page) so to discern between single housenumbers that contain hypens
>    and a range of addresses?
>    3. How will this be implimented into software (e.g. geocoders like
>    Nominatim)?
> Thanks,
> IpswichMapper
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