[Tagging] is explicit segregated tag needed on all ways allowing cyclists and pedestrians?

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> Jan 2, 2021, 21:25 by voschix at gmail.com:
> I see no problem with the "segregated" key.
> It is only applicable to paths that carry explicit signs for bicycle=designated and foot=designted.


> I would not go so far, explicit segregated=no on highway=footway bicycle=yes
> is not incorrect

maybe there are exceptions in some jurisdictions, but from what I am used to, the segregated tag makes sense on bicycle=designated paths only. A footway with bicycle=yes cannot be segregated, otherwise the “bicycle“ would be designated 

> It should be surface-independent, because there are (infrequent) cases of unpaved segregated foot-cyclepaths (I have seen them in parks). 


> How the segregation looks like in such cases? Lane "painted" with other color of gravel? 

it does not matter 

> I have also seen cases of segregated foot-cycle paths where the pedestrians have pavement, and the cyclists do not, or vice versa.

how do you know it is the same carriageway in these cases?

> Your first example (Réserve naturelle nationale de la baie de Somme) looks like a highway=track; motor_vehicle=no/private. Are you sure that it is a designated foot-cycle-path.
> I have seen path exactly like that (not this one, it was an example photo as taking
> one was not feasible), correctly tagged as highway=footway + bicycle=yes

I agree with Volker that the picture probably shows a track. For bicycle=yes segregated does not make sense to me (see above)

> In some parks rules, including "no vehicles, except bicycles" are signposted.

this would be bicycle=designated, not?

> bicycle=permissive is incorrect tag in cases where cycling is illegal but tolerated and it
> is anyway not applicable in this case as cycling is explicitly legal.

I guess “illegal” is not the right term, it seems too strong. Anyway, if cycling isn’t allowed but tolerated, permissive is the value we use around here (central Italy)

Cheers Martin 
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