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Sun Jan 10 20:12:41 UTC 2021

Re: dialysis.

One other problem with hospital_ward is that there are outpatient
departments which seem to be called "wards" sometimes in British English,
and which are called "departments" in the US mostly - though perhaps also
in the UK. Perhaps we should rather have healthcare=inpatient_ward to make
the distinction clear, if that is understandable to non-medical folks?

We have already mentioned healthcare=emergency_ward as an option for an
emergency ward / emergency department.

Paul just mentioned that there might be a "dialysis ward" - but dialysis
center or wards are normally for outpatients, who do not stay overnight in
the hospital. When an inpatient needs dialysis the equipment is sometimes
brought to their room in the ICU or SDU, or perhaps if they are well enough
the patient will be brought to a special dialysis suite, so I believe this
should not be considered an inpatient "ward" but an outpatient department.

Another major related "ward" is the trauma ward or trauma department,
specialized rooms where people are rapidly assessed and treated for major
injuries such as motor vehicle collisions, or gunshot wounds.

Operating rooms or operating theatres (also known as operation suits or
operating suits) are not really called "wards", but are similar to a trauma
ward and they are specialized rooms or a series of rooms where surgical
operations are performed.

Beside the surgical and trauma operating rooms, the hospital (Long Beach
Memorial Medical Center) where I did my residency also had specialized
procedure rooms and suits: the radiation oncology where people were treated
with radioactive substances and radiation for cancer, the GI lab where
gastroenterologists did colonoscopies and EGDs (upper endoscopy) and
swallow studies, the Cath Lab where cardiologists performed special heart
procedures such as angioplasties with stents. See map:

Labor and Delivery, where women give birth to babies, might be called the
L&D ward - women might stay up to 24 hours, though normally the goal is to
have the delivery in less than a full day, so it's not really an inpatient

There might be a "nursery" where newborn babies are examined - in the past
the babies would have stayed here overnight, but now they are almost always
kept in the same room with their mother, if they are not in the NICU, so
the nursery is only used for short periods of times for each baby.

Then there are a number of specialized hospital departments, many of which
can also be stand-alone facilities, and which might serve both outpatients
and inpatients.. We recently mentioned the medical imaging department or
radiology department, which has x-rays, ultrasound, CT scans and perhaps
MRI (though the MRI is often outside in another building since they have
magnetic shielding requirements). There is a laboratory to run tests, and
perhaps a room next door where you can get blood drawn for the tests.

There are two options to this:

1) healthcare=department plus a subtag like department=* or
healthcare:speciality - but what about when there is a stand-alone surgery
center or stand-alone dialysis center? And how do we make it clear which
departments are inpatient wards with beds and which ones are outpatient
facilities which you can use as a member of the general public?

2) Individual tags for each feature:, e..g: healthcare=operating_suite,
healthcare=trauma_ward, healthcare=dialysis,  healthcare=medical_imaging,
healthcare=labor_and_delivery, etc. - this allows these tags to be used in
hospitals or also in specialized outpatient centres, like a birthing
center, medical imaging center, or outpatient surgery center.

In either case we also probably also need a property tag for each feature
if we want to be able to say that a hospital has a trauma ward, e.g.
trauma_ward=yes, mri=yes, ct=yes, operating_suite=yes and so on.

-- Joseph Eisenberg

On Sun, Jan 10, 2021 at 9:47 AM Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com>

> I agree that in theory either =ward or =hospital_ward could work - the
> latter is less likely to be confused, though it's a bit longer. I would go
> with amenity= or healthcare = hospital_ward so that it is clear that these
> should be found inside of an amenity=hospital feature and that this is not
> an "emergency ward" or something else.
> The main issue is that an "emergency ward" is not the same, so we need to
> also have a clear tag for this. Right now there is
> emergency=emergency_ward_entrance for the main door, but not actually a tag
> for the inside of the emergency room / ward / department -  just 4 uses of
> healthcare=emergency_ward
> There is only 3 uses of amenity=ward and 1 use of healthcare=ward and
> healthcare=hospital_ward each, so no need to replace any tags.
> So I propose healthcare=emergency_ward for an emergency room / emergency
> department / emergency ward, where there are emergency medicine specialist
> doctors available 24/7 to provide care for serious medical emergencies, and
> healthcare=hospital_ward for a named or numbered part of a hospital which
> has inpatient beds for people who are admitted overnight for surgery or a
> medical emergency.
> -- Joseph Eisenberg
> On Sun, Jan 10, 2021 at 6:38 AM Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Sun, 10 Jan 2021 at 14:26, Tom Pfeifer <t.pfeifer at computer.org> wrote:
>>> healthcare=hospital_ward ?
>> Or just ward, since they're in hospitals.  The problem with "ward" is
>> the difference between British and US usage.  In the UK, wards
>> are understood by the public to have beds in them, and that's
>> how public-facing documents use the term (internal documents
>> sometimes reflect US usage where "ward" equals "department."
>>> When looking into it, I think we need to look into hospital departments
>>> at the same time, which might be slightly different than the wards.
>> There are specialist wards such as ITU, dialysis, maternity and pediatrics
>> where it is hard to separate the beds from the therapy.  There are also
>> general wards where you may receive medication or physiotherapy
>> or just stay there until you're fit enough to be discharged.
>> --
>> Paul
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