[Tagging] tag for wards was: Deprecate healthcare=centre

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Sun Jan 10 21:25:10 UTC 2021

On Jan 10, 2021, at 11:37 AM, Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sun, 10 Jan 2021 at 17:50, Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com> wrote:
> So I propose healthcare=emergency_ward for an emergency room / emergency department / emergency ward, where there are emergency medicine specialist doctors available 24/7 to provide care for serious medical emergencies, and healthcare=hospital_ward for a named or numbered part of a hospital which has inpatient beds for people who are admitted overnight for surgery or a medical emergency. 
> I can live with those.  Especially if you're happy it won't conflict with American usage too badly.

As a US English native speaker, no conflict in my mind.  I'm no expert on health care, but I know a thing or two of my local "ragged collection of many sites and buildings" that make up the typical USA patchwork of "what the medical establishment is around here."  I suspect it's the same elsewhere, to varying degrees of "ragged" or "not so ragged."  Humanity has a ways to go in providing healthcare for all who need it, though there are spots which are better than others.  These serve as models.

Yes, there will be many value flavors (dialysis, NICU, PICU, CICU...) that can settle in a wiki proposal Discussion page.  I'm not certain that healthcare=center should be deprecated, perhaps "better accommodated" as the entity in my vernacular of "healthcare center" means several distinct real places I know which glue together as the same sort of thing.  That's what I, we call them.  Maybe "Health Center" or "Healthcare Center," but yes, they are a thing.  Especially in a sparsely populated area where it's the only healthcare around for a long way.

The excellent foundational proto-structure Joseph has built in a few posts here can knit together in a Discussion page, too.

Medicine, healthcare... seems almost "master's thesis" tag development:  if you wanted to, you could get very deep, accurate, technical and "evolving/complete" in a showcase sort of way that would highlight what OSM is darn good at doing:  modeling the real world, including with a well-designed tagging scheme.  In a map people use on the device in their pocket.  (No need to get TOO ontological right now).

I think [healthcare=emergency_ward, healthcare=hospital_ward...] is a good sketch and has a big future.  It's a very rich tagging garden.  It could become easy to get lost in, so for "there is healthcare here, that's about as much as I know" a good anchor tag on a node can offer a start to a tagging novice, then be turned into or retag-populated onto a building and more tags that sub-specialize and add more data are added...we all know the drill.  We even get better at it as we get older!

Stand-alone surgery centers (e.g. birthing centers that are ONLY "birthing centers" but are pretty close to a major hospital...) certainly do exist, so we want OSM to model them, perhaps with some thought of how to assume or specify the outpatient / inpatient distinction, and with identifying sub-values like dialysis or birthing.  In the USA, we do use the word "outpatient" to describe these sorts of facilities, contrasted with "inpatient" which is "checked into a 'hospital' as a patient" (in my mind, and I think many others).  And I think each state has minimum technical and staffing standards (which are often far exceeded, plus there are millions of skilled doctors and health care professionals valiantly saving lives every day!) before any place is able to call itself a "hospital."

Many voices, some time.  Mellow with others and a bit more time.  Done.  OSM does this.  Chop, stir, simmer, done.  Not always easy, though certainly do-able.

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