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> Ultrasound machines are often portable but will usually have a home in the
> radiology department, even though they operate with high frequency sound
> waves, not radiation,

Technically, sound waves are radiation.  According to this theoretical
physicist: https://youtu.be/LQ7Px9CZ7zc?t=69

I would propose using the same tag for both hospital "Radiology
> wards/departments" and outpatient medical imaging facilities, since for a
> general map users they are more or less the same feature.
> (healthcare=medical_imaging seems most popular)

Using the same tag for both seems sensible.

2) Endoscopy
> > "Endoscopy was nearby but not in the radiology department. That probably
> counts as medical imaging, though"

Endoscopy, including Colonoscopies and EGDs, are not medical imaging.

Just imaging, then, as a physicist would understand it.  But not medical

> These are invasive procedures where a gastroenterologist (GI doc) sends a
> long flexible tube down your throat or up through your rectum.

There are other orifices that can be probed.  My brother learned about
peniscopy the hard way.

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