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I am familiar with places that look like those shown in the photos, but
these places would be part of other structures, where I would not tag them
explicitly, as I would assume them to be present, like hospitals, medical
centres, and similar.
On the other hand, at least around here, doctors' don't offer the service,
but I know that in Germany some do, but limited to their own patients (they
often do also have small labs on site)
So maybe the correct approach is to propose tagging for both cases

   - stand-alone points of collection
   - inside other structure

This would also require explicitly state which categories of healthcare
places do offer the service by default.

Also the difference between manned and unmanned woul need to be added to
the stand-alone ones.

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> Jan 11, 2021, 13:37 by voschix at gmail.com:
> What are these places like?
> Do they only collect samples that you "produce" yourself (stool, urine) or
> are these places where a nurse takes your blood samples?
> Typically both, for some samples you bring what you prepared by yourself,
> some
> (for example blood) have typically a medical worker taking it.
> Are they named or are these a kind of refrigerated letter boxes.
> Branded, typically room or rooms with space for
> (1) place where you give confirmation that
> testing is paid for (refunded by government/insurance) or you pay for it
> (2) some area for waiting
> (3) sample taking location
> https://www.internus.pl/centralny-punkt-pobran/ has some photos.
> Though I guess that letter boxes exist or will exist.
> Sorry if these questions appear silly, but I don't know what you are
> describing. I am used to biological sample collection being an accessory
> service within other types of healthcare places: hospitals, clinics, ERs,
> medical centres, doctors', ecc
> Most of sample taking probably happens in such places, but there are
> also separate places dedicated to solely that.
> Plus, some Covid-specific sample-taking locations appeared.
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