[Tagging] Is shelter=separate wanted? What is the meaning of shelter=yes

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Am Di., 12. Jan. 2021 um 11:27 Uhr schrieb Mateusz Konieczny via Tagging <
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> What is wrong with adding what seems consensus based
> on early comments and later editing it further?
> OSM Wiki is not set in stone and for parts where there is
> agreement it makes sense to update it, rather than starting
> long discussion, not documenting anything and repeating
> it say year later
> It is really surprising to me that people extremely rarely
> update wiki based on what become clear in discussion
> - tagging mailing comments/thread are hard to find
> and basically always will be forgotten.

+1, thank you for editing the wiki, I completely agree with this. We can
always adjust the wiki definitions later if it should become apparent that
the consensus is different, but at least it has been raised and discussed
publicly. We have not amended the wiki far too many times, because the
threads went to the bottom of the mail client and disappeared ;-) You never
can tell when a discussion is finished, when there is agreement that the
current version is not the consensus it should be changed instantly (even
if this just means adding a sentence that there is a dispute about the

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