[Tagging] Fw: Narrowing the application range of the smoothness tags

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Fri Jan 15 00:22:40 UTC 2021

On Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 5:24 PM Graeme Fitzpatrick <graemefitz1 at gmail.com>

> On Thu, 14 Jan 2021 at 19:36, Richard Smits via Tagging <
> tagging at openstreetmap.org> wrote:
>> Not a single response since I posted my RFC here... :(
> I'm another one that glanced at it, thought Whoa due to the wall of text,
> & thought I'd leave it for others to comment.
> I'll agree with all the other comments to say that this will always be a
> very subjective determination, in that one person's Very Bad is OK for
> someone else. I've got to say though that I really don't like "Horrible" &
> "Very Horrible"!
> & in regards to your example photo of "Impassable", I take it you've never
> done much off-road four-wheel driving, because most 4wds would eat that
> track! :-)

I don't often tag `smoothness=impassable` unless for some reason I haven't
tagged `(transportation mode)=no` for everything on wheels.  Seeing what
the MTB guys do, I don't mark 'impassable' until I'm hiking with hands to
the rock, and even then I'm not too sure. I suspect that some of the MTB
riders would take pitches for which I want a belay and a helmet.

As far as 4WD goes, a couple of months ago, my daughter and I were watching
a Toyota 4Runner (or was it a Sequoia? Something with 24+ cm ground
clearance) get stuck at a spot that we'd taken easily in my Subaru Forester
(22 cm ground clearance), prompting my daughter to quip, 'a four-wheel
drive is useless without a four-wheel driver.' (I tagged it
tracktype=grade4 - I was waffling on whether it was 4 or 5, the area is
naturally rocky, and I chose to tag `smoothness=very_bad` since I could
make it in the Forester, albeit with the vehicle dynamics controls scolding
me about it.)

73 de ke9tv/2, Kevin
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