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How I tag the addresses of 2 houses (cottages) which are named and numbered
> separately from the rest of the street that they are in?

I've encountered a lot of those.  I joined this list to ask about how to
handle it
after I'd hung around long enough to get a feel for how the list operates.
got sidetracked.

> Currently, I have left addr:housenumber blank and tagged them as
> “addr:housename=1 Bar Cottages; addr:street=Foo Road” and addr:housename=2
> Bar Cottages; addr:street=Foo Road”, but I’m not really happy with that.
> “Bar Cottages” is not the name of either property; “1” and “2” are their
> House Numbers (not names), but 1 Foo Road and 2 Foo Road are further
> along.

Or you could make the house number 1, Bar Cottages.  Which you'd have
to do if the house also had a house name, so it's Fubb, 1 Bar Cottages,
Foo Road.  Guess who has encountered situations like that.

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