[Tagging] Sidewalk tagging: one side separate, the other implied

Grzegorz Szymaszek gszymaszek at short.pl
Sun Jan 17 12:59:10 UTC 2021

On Sun, Jan 17, 2021 at 11:22:13AM +0100, Jeroen Hoek wrote:
> When refining an urban area with sidewalk information, there are two
> basic strategies:
> * Implicitly map them by tagging the street with sidewalk=left/right/both/no
> * Explicitly map them by drawing highway=footway + footway=sidewalk, and
> tagging the street with sidewalk=separate

Though there are mappers that would consider sidewalk=left/right/both
valid in both cases, as well as mappers that have no idea about the
sidewalk tag and would draw a separate footway regardless of its value.

> […] If there are no strenuous objections I would like to go ahead and
> document the above on the wiki.


> sidewalk:right=yes     ≈ sidewalk=right         ≈ sidewalk=both
> sidewalk:left=separate   sidewalk:left=separate   sidewalk:left=separate

Since (probably) not all software will immediately recognise the
subtags, there will still be some difference between sidewalk=right/both
in the above example.

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