[Tagging] Proposed feature - Voting - electricity

Lukas Richert lrichert at posteo.de
Mon Jan 18 00:08:53 UTC 2021

Once again, many comments came in during voting. This time many of the 
comments fluctuated between either wanting the proposal to be more 
specific and others complaining it was now "overworked". Once one person 
commented something, many people echoed these sentiments. End result: it 
was once again rejected.

Therefore, I have no excluded the origin:grid and the specific language 
as to access and fee tagging in case of ambiguities. This considerably 
shortens the proposal so that hopefully people will read it in full and 
the basic components at least can be passed and further aspects can be 
discussed in a later proposal.


If there are no further objections in the tagging list, I would once 
again try another round of voting starting tomorrow...



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